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Luxin-Rio was founded in Qingdao, Shandong in 2013, with 436.1 million RMB register capital. We provide a whole-chain solution including R&D, production, global distribution, cinema software & equipment integration, operation, and management services for cinemas, theme parks, zoos, aquariums, museums. We are dedicated to creating world-class 3D/4D cinema systems, show control systems, interactive products such as flying theatre, VR/E sports gaming, holographic projection, and many other applications for our clients. 


Thanks to its quality products and services, Luxin-Rio now boasts an illustrious credit list which includes some of the most respected names in theme park such as Disney, Marvel, Legoland, and cinema, like Wanda, Emperor Entertainment, Cinemex, etc., across major cities in Asia, Europe, and North America. Our services touch over 70,000 screens globally. 


Now we have 600 employees across the globe, including an experienced international team of R&D, manufacturing and marketing experts based in Los Angeles, London, Paris,Beijing, Qingdao,Jinan and Guangzhou.

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