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Arts Alliance Media (AAM), established in 2003, is a global leader in digital cinema software and services, offering cutting-edge solutions in software as well as installation, maintenance and support across the cinema ecosystem. 


AAM’s software interacts with over40,000 screens worldwide across multiple continents, while the NOC supports over 5,500 screens globally. 

AAM was the first in Europe to secure Virtual Print Fee deals with Hollywood studios (VPF) and has deals in place with all 6 studios to fund a digital cinema roll out of up to 7,500 screens, under a VPF financing model.



In 2017, Luxin-Rio has wholly acquired AAM. After the integration, AAM will become a global leader in cinema software, equipment and leasing services, the biggest cinema ERP provider in mainland China, and the leading big data and internet company in the cinema industry.





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