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Arts Alliance Media China (hereinafter referred to as AAM China), founded in 2018 in Qingdao, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arts Alliance Media Limited (AAM), which was wholly acquired by Luxin-Rio in 2017.

AAM China has been the global R&D center of AAM in just over a year since its establishment. We launch an independently created cloud-based SAAS software platform in the Chinese market to provide user friendly, real-time data, large capacity, high-performance computing software services. SAAS enables customers to effectively reduce management costs, increase efficiency, and manage the projection equipment in higher accuracy and professional way.

AAM China is supported by an experienced and forward-thinking management team with 10 years in cinemas operation, as well as the development and support of major Internet platforms. We furnish cinemas with advanced and flexible software, and want to help to build the intelligentized future of the cinema industry.

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